Investigation of the Effects of Cannabidiol on Vacuous Chewing Movements, Locomotion, Oxidative Stress and Blood Glucose in Rats Treated with Oral Haloperidol.

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Tardive dyskinesia (TD) unlike acute dystonia may be irreversible. This study investigated the effects of oral cannabidiol (CBD) on haloperidol induced vacuous chewing movement (VCM) model of TD.


There were six experimental groups with different combinations of oral cannabidiol with 5mg/kg of haloperidol given orally. Behavioural assays and FBS were measured. Vacuous chewing movements were assessed after the last dose of medication. Blood for oxidative stress assay was collected on the 8th day after the administration of the last dose of medication.


This study found that CBD co-administration with haloperidol attenuated the vacuous chewing movements and increased motor tone produced by haloperidol. CBD alone at 5 mg/kg appears to have anxiolytic properties but may not be as effective as haloperidol which exhibited a greater anxiolytic effect at 5 mg/kg. Treatment with CBD alone at 5mg/kg also appeared to enhance brain DPPH scavenging activity.


We confirmed that CBD can ameliorate motor impairments produced by haloperidol. Our data suggest that CBD can be combined with haloperidol to prevent the emergent of extrapyramidal side effects and long-term movement disorders, such as acute dystonic disorder and tardive dyskinesia.



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