OMI Announces Ecosorb CNB 100 for Cannabis Odor Control

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PALATINE, ILL. (Oct. 22, 2019) – PRESS RELEASE – Ecosorb natural industrial odor solutions from OMI Industries, which have worked to neutralize industrial odors globally for nearly 30 years, are now available to the cannabis growth and cultivation market with Ecosorb CNB 100, a plant-based odor remover designed specifically for the control of cannabis plant odors.

Building on a proven chemistry, CNB 100 uses natural plant oils to eliminate odor-causing chemical compounds including cannabinoids, terpenes and sesquiterpenes that are emitted during the lifecycle of the cannabis plant.

“CNB 100 is a plant-based solution we scientifically formulated specifically to neutralize the chemical compounds that make up cannabis growth odors,” said Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research and Development for OMI Industries. “As our solutions contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, CNB 100 is a safe and effective avenue for full odor removal–no coverups.”

As cannabis legalization continues at the state level, complaints of cannabis odors are rising rapidly; in the Denver metro area alone, 30 percent of all odor complaints are cannabis-related. As a result, local government agencies and clean air agencies are enacting laws and issuing fines to limit odors.

“Many odor control solutions require complex engineering, expensive permitting or costly equipment,” said Haupert. “With CNB 100, we can provide growers with an easy and effective way to mitigate cannabis odors and reduce fines and neighbor complaints alike. »

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