[New antiepileptic drugs].

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Antiepileptic drugs are the first treatment option in patients with epilepsy. Drugs developed after 2000 are known as third generation antiepileptic drugs. These medications offer new mechanisms of action and favorable pharmacokinetics, decreasing the occurrence of side effects and drug-drug interactions. Broad spectrum antiepileptic drugs, such as brivaracetam and clobazam are good choices for generalized tonic colonic seizures and are well tolerated.New sodium channel blockers such as lacosamide and eslicarbazepine, have a more « benign » side effect profile than the first or second generation of sodium channel blockers. These new drugs are useful therapies in patients with epilepsy of difficult control. Cannabidiol and fenfluramine are useful in the treatment of Dravet or Lennox Gastaut syndrome. Allopregnenolona and ganaxolone showed good efficacy in status epilepticus and could play an important future role in this clinical scenario.

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