Cannabidiol Interacts Significantly with Everolimus-Report of a Patient with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.

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Adelheid Wiemer-Kruel declares having received speaker’s honoraria and travel support, while her employer received research grants by Novartis and Nutricia, only honoraria and travel support from Desitin Arzneitmittel, Vitaflo, Dr. Schär Deutschland and UCB Pharma. None of the aforementioned grants is associated with this publication.Brigitte Stiller has been involved in medical advisory boards at Novartis, Actelion, and Meyer Bristol Squibb, none of which has any association with this publication.Thomas Bast received honoraria from Bial, Biocodex, Eisai, Desitin Arzneitmittel, GW Pharmaceuticals, Nutricia, Shire, UCB Pharma, Viropharma, and Zogenix, none of which has any relation to this publication.

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