P.L. Light Systems to Introduce NXT-LP Ceramic Metal Halide Luminaire

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PRESS RELEASE – The 315W NXT-LP CMH luminaire is the latest complement to the P.L. Light Systems product family. This professional-grade luminaire delivers optimal lighting performance both as a standalone technology or when used to supplement existing lighting applications. 

The luminaire’s ultra low-profile design and low radiant heat output lends itself ideally to vertical applications or in facilities where ceiling height is limited. The well-balanced, highly stable spectrum of ceramic metal halide (CMH) technology delivers a natural white light that helps reduce inter-nodal stretching to produce a stockier, healthier plant during the vegetative growth cycle. This full-spectrum light is also ideal for grading of the crop and makes for a more visually comfortable environment. 

“A big advantage is the low wattage, allowing for close-to-crop mounting, better uniformity and reduced BTU’s resulting in reduced AC costs.” explains Eric Moody, sales manager at P.L. Light Systems. “The NXT-LP CMH luminaire also provides the ideal spectrum for vegetative growth cycles as well as supplemental blue light in HPS flowering rooms.”

At specific color temperatures, ceramic metal halide delivers a light output that is similar to natural daylight – providing a broad spectrum of wavelengths (including UV) so the plant can absorb exactly what it needs. With a total height of just 8.25 inches, the NXT-LP CMH luminaire can deliver optimum light output, along with unparalleled uniformity and canopy penetration in spaces with a very limited ceiling height.


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