Where to buy the cheapest weed in America

Photo by Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty ImagesSHAREJust like housing and food costs, the price and quality of marijuana is a legitimate consideration for any weed smoker looking to relocate to a different state. And if you’re looking for the state in which to buy the cheapest weed, your best bet is (drumroll please) Oregon. (As if you needed another reason to move to the wild-wild-west.)

Oregon is the state where you can buy the cheapest weed in America.In fact, Oregon’s highest quality bud is cheaper than New Jersey, Iowa and Minnesota’s (among others) lowest quality bud, ounce for ounce. In Oregon, a dank ounce will cost you around $210.00. In comparison, the same amount of New Jersey schwag will run you almost $300.00. Oregon weed is also nearly three times less expensive than some East Coast states

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