The Science and Benefits of Light Deprivation Cannabis Growing


Light deprivation is a cannabis growing technique that enables you to produce large yields. Professional cultivators use light deprivation because it’s an effective way of controlling the exact flowering time of your plant, resulting in high amounts of potent cannabis.


What exactly is light deprivation?


Simply put, light deprivation is a technique wherein growers limit plants’ exposure to sunlight after they have matured for a period of time, which allows you to induce flowering even outside their normal flowering period.


There are different ways to do light deprivation techniques.


Benefits of Light Deprivation


Just like with other kinds of plants, cannabis plants thrive on the presence of light because it gives them energy but also plays a role in determining when the plant will flower. In the wild, cannabis plants will only bloom once in its lifetime which falls during fall. This is the same season wherein days are shorter, and cannabis plants receive much less light exposure.


Allowing your plant to flower on its own tends to result in smaller yields and less quality potency. This is why cannabis cultivators have turned to light deprivation; by letting the plants mature for a few weeks before they are forced to flower.


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