LA Committee Passes Marijuana Regulations in Prep of Recreational Market

The regulations are now being considered by the full Los Angeles City Council, as the city tries to prepare for the launch of its recreational marijuana market in three months.

With California’s recreational marijuana market slated for launch January 1, 2018, cities throughout the Golden State are busy legitimizing their respective cannabis industries by establishing regulations for growers, manufacturers, and distributors. Last week, San Diego became the first city in California to finalize the regulations for the entire cannabis supply chain. This week, the Los Angeles City Council committee approved regulations that spell out the requirements for adult use marijuana businesses looking to operate within its limits.

The regulations, which now move onto the full LA City Council for consideration, require that growers, manufacturers, and distributors first obtain a state license to operate.

If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur or operator of an already-operational medical marijuana dispensaries, you likely have concerns about the regulations. As they stand now, businesses serving the city’s medical marijuana industry would have to temporarily close at the first of the year as they wait to obtain adult use licenses

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