San Diego the First CA City to Finalize Marijuana Cultivation and Manufacturing Legalization

If you’re in San Diego, you’ll be happy to hear that your city is the first in California to establish regulations for the entire adult use cannabis supply chain.

San Diego has finalized its legalization of recreational marijuana cultivation and manufacturing, which means there likely won’t be a delay if you want to purchase cannabis products within city limits when California launches its adult use market in January. The City Council approved the regulations last week, making San Diego the very first city in California to have a fully regulated supply chain for cannabis.

California voters approved Proposition 64 last November to become the fifth of what is now eight states to legalize recreational marijuana. The measure was supported by 56 percent of state voters, including 61.6 percent of voters in San Diego. Under the new state law, if you’re over 21 years of age, you’ll be able to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana use for personal use and personally cultivate up to six cannabis plants. California, which already dominates the nation’s cannabis industry, is expected to sell an estimated $5 billion in recreational marijuana annually.

The new rules passed by the City Council include legalizing the indoor cultivation of marijuana and the manufacturing sites of edible products. The City Council Members, who approved the legislation in a 6-3 vote, believe the new regulations will improve the quality and safety of local cannabis products, create jobs, prevent a local

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