Meet The Veteran Who Left The Marines to Start The Amazon of Weed

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How much thought do we ever really give to the middleman? In any underground operation, they are intentionally the least conspicuous person. They are the unassuming go-betweens who make otherwise illicit transactions look as vanilla as possible. We’re not meant to think of the middleman. As the industry makes its way into the open and legal market, we may even be tempted to throw him to the wayside. But one rising company in the cannabis industry is proving just why the middle-man can’t be done away with.

In 2012, Aeron Sullivan, a Marine captain of the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion, was serving on the U.S.S. New Orleans near the Horn of Africa. As he spent his days intercepting arms and opiate shipments from Somali pirates, Sullivan realized that there is a common thread that motivates us all. Not the need for profit, but a desire for survival and a driven push to thrive.

Sullivan had grown up with uncles who had grown marijuana in Humboldt County, California for years before it was made legal in states like Colorado and Washington. They were not evil men; they were farmers and back home their own country was beginning to realize that.

In April of 2015, Marine veteran, Aeron Sullivan moved to Boulder, Colorado to start

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