States Governor Says He’ll Never Legalize Weed, Cites ‘Overdoses’

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Synthetic Weed: The Future of Marijuana?

K2 Spice. We began seeing K2 Spice about 4-5 years ago. Due to cannabis being illegal in most states at this time, K2 Spice became very popular very fast. This form of synthetic cannabis is sprayed and dried onto other plants and herbs. The spray that they are adding is what contains the “synthetic cannabis” […]

How Much CBD Is Found in Weed?

CBD content. The best way to understand the amount of CBD in a plant is to first understand THC content. THC content is tested in order to understand the potency of the flower. The average THC testing of a flower is usually about 12% to 30%. When a flower is high in THC, it is […]

Is Nevada Out of Weed?

Nevada is on track to achieving $30 million in sales over the next 6 months. » The demand for recreational weed is huge, and Nevada cannot afford to run out of weed completely if they want their program to succeed. View the Original article

Los Angeles Could Make $50 Million A Year On Weed, But Where Will Tourists Smoke It?

Photo creditSHARE When legal cannabis sales in Los Angeles kick in, it will be one of the hottest cannabis markets in the country, according to almost all experts. It could, in fact, bring in more than $50 million in taxes to L.A. city coffers. Illegal in public View the Original article

Visitors Won’t Be Able To Buy Cannabis In California’s New ‘Weed Town’

Photo creditSHARE En août, vert américain a annoncé qu’il achetait la ville entière de Nipton, en Californie, un hameau situé dans le désert de Mojave, qui compte une population d’environ 18 personnes. Maintenant, avec l’engagement ayant fermé, la firme basée en Arizona qui développe plusieurs canna-entreprises officiellement est propriétaire de la ville. Visite pour les […]

Rapper Young Thug arrested on weed, gun charges in Georgia

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