Food & Weed: For chef Jaime Lewis, the sweet spot with edibles is the fresh mind-set

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Will Car Insurance Rates Go Up Because Of Legal Weed?

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A true boatload of weed: 6 tons seized on Mediterranean Sea near Greece

Take cannabis surveys for gift cards Popular 1SWAT-style search for marijuana over tea leaves and garden supplies heads to court 2Army no longer banning recruits who used marijuana 3America’s biggest marijuana market finalizes rules for recreational weed 4Rush on at Indiana shops to snatch up CBD oil products before they’re pulled 5How the Supreme Court […]

More than half of New Yorkers support legal weed. So is it gonna happen?

Photo par Inti Ollivier/AFP/Getty ImagesSHARE L’état de New York, malgré une des plus grandes villes dans le monde, n’a pas encore légalisé la marijuana récréative. Cela semble être en décalage avec le grand public. Un récent sondage a révélé que 62 % des New-yorkais soutiennent le blanchiment d’argent et de taxation de la marijuana. Examinons […]

You bring the weed, these chefs make the edibles

Photo by Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty ImagesSHARECanada is only months away from legal weed, but many regulations have yet to be drafted. These cannabis chefs are moving forward anyway. View the Original article

Hemp vs Weed: Same Plant, Different Chemical Structure and Uses

December 1, 2017December 1, 2017 Learn the genetic, practical, and legal differences between the two types of cannabis plants. If you find that you’re confused about the differences between hemp and marijuana ( View the Original article

Does Matt Lauer Smoke Weed?

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