These Veterans Are Making Edibles For PTSD, Depression and Pain

Photo via Flickr/Salvation Army USA WestSHARE Kevin Roelofs, a United States Military combat veteran, had been around marijuana his whole life, but until he returned from Iraq, he had never considered it anything other than recreational. Like many veterans, when Roelofs got back to America, he brought the war home with him. A relatively busy […]

These are the congressmen up for re-election saying ridiculous things about marijuana

« hese are the congressmen up for re election still saying ridiculous things about marijuana 6 of 8 800×400 These are the congressmen up for re election saying ridiculous things about marijuana » title View the Original article

You bring the weed, these chefs make the edibles

Photo by Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty ImagesSHARECanada is only months away from legal weed, but many regulations have yet to be drafted. These cannabis chefs are moving forward anyway. View the Original article

These marijuana advent calendars will keep you high until Christmas

Photo courtesy of Coast to Coast MedicinalsSHARE A  Canada-based medical cannabis company has a hit on its hands. Coast to Coast Medicinals’ novelty Advent calendar — including actual marijuana products — is creating a media sensation. Coast to Coast started unlicensed operation earlier this year, reports Science Alert. But the business started getting some viral attention after […]

These Writers Use Weed To Expand Their Creativity

NEW YORK – APRIL 30: Catherine Hiller smokes a joint at home on April 30, 2015 in Westchester County New York. (Photo by Ruaridh Connellan / Barcroft USA via Getty Images)SHAREThe war on drugs in the United States was officially declared in 1971, suddenly labeling cannabis users everywhere as deviants. Despite the cannabis cultural war, […]

These THC-Infused Sprinkles Can Transform Any Food Into An Edible Instantly

Photo via flickr/Thuy PhamSHARE Faisons-facelui, cuisson edibles suce. Vous devez essentiellement un diplôme de chimie à comprendre comment atteindre la bonne température à décarboxyler sans brûler votre bourgeon.  La moitié du temps le produit final a la vague goût de mauvaise herbe Rassi et est tellement sec qu’avaler c’est plus une corvée qu’un plaisir. Plus […]

These Are The Sneakiest Ways To Vape In Public Without Getting Caught

(Photo Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Partager Pour les fumeurs d’herbe qui s’efforcent de maintenir une bonne santé et profitez de votre séjour actif, vaporisation est de loin la meilleure façon de consommer leur herbe préférée. Non seulement la plupart des vapes portable, ce qui les rend facile à transporter, mais ils également ne laissent derrière eux […]

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