If You Want To Beat Your Social Anxiety, These Are The Strains You Should Smoke

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These Amazingly Eccentric Women Are Rejecting Sex Stereotypes and Changing Cosplay

Mel Colley is a Cosplayer who is dressed up as Zenyatta from the classic video game OverwatchPhoto by Mel Colley SHARE By: Zack Kotzer It is custom for Jews to dress up in costume on Purim, and as a child, Maya Ben David chose to dress as Vashti, the predecessor to Queen Esther that was […]

These Are The Best Strains For Treating Fibromyalgia And Pain

SHAREFibromyalgia est connu pour provoquant une douleur généralisée et débilitante. Il peut également affecter des niveaux d’énergie de la personne et leur capacité d’obtenir sommeil une bonne nuit de. Beaucoup avec la fibromyalgie vont faire n’importe quoi pour soulager la douleur, et le cannabis devient rapidement une option go-to. S’il est tentant de se tourner […]

These Bible-Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s ‘Perfect Medicine’

« https://herb.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/These-Bible-Belt-Christians-Believe-That-Weed-Is-God’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1-800×400.jpg 800w, https://herb.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/These-Bible-Belt-Christians-Believe-That-Weed-Is-God’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1-138×69.jpg 138w, https://herb.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/These-Bible-Belt-Christians-Believe-That-Weed-Is-God’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1-386×193.jpg 386w, https://herb.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/These-Bible-Belt-Christians-Believe-That-Weed-Is-God’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1.jpg 1000w » sizes View the Original article

Smoke These Strains If You Want A Sound Night’s Sleep

(Photo par juhy13 / Getty Images) SHARESitting dans la circulation ou le transport en commun, se sentant comme si tu n’as jamais couché est un fléau modern. Pour ceux qui se retrouvent fixement le plafond comme matin pouces rapprocher ou ces jerked constamment réveillé par des cauchemars, il existe certaines souches qui apporteront le soulagement […]

Studies Show That CBD Could Treat These Chronic Conditions

with encouraging results. Everyone from researchers to doctors to the public at large is learning more about cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) with each passing day. As a result, individuals suffering from various chronic conditions might be encouraged by results from studies that show the possible therapeutic value of CBD in mitigating these issues. What Exactly […]

These 5 Indigenous Cultures Use Psychedelics As Medicine Instead of Popping Pills

Photo by Sonier Issembe SHARE From ancient Greece to the Amazon rainforest the use of psychedelics for healing or spiritual practices is so tightly woven into history that we could consider experimentation a defining characteristic of humanity. For thousands of years, cultures that developed independently around the world have found comfort and enlightenment in plants […]

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