Cannabis Quest: How To Select Perfect Pot Products

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Blockchain and Cannabis: A Perfect Marriage of Emerging Trends

Specifically, IBM claims blockchain can help governments take control of sourcing, selling and pricing of cannabis products, thereby reducing or eliminating illegal sales, assist cannabis producers with real-time inventory management, improve projections of supply and demand, and elicit trends of consumption through data analytics. And that, for retailers of cannabis, an interconnected blockchain network can […]

3 ways to roll a joint that is perfect in every way

Photo creditSHARE Whether you are a virgin-joint-roller or are a veteran looking to brush up on your skills it never hurts to work on your joint rolling technique. It would be an under There are three main methods to rolling joints: pre-rolls, using a rolling machine, and hand rolling. Grab your grinder and get down […]

The Flytlab Lift is the perfect portable pocket vape that you’ve always wanted

Photo courtesy of FlytlabSHARE By now, you’re probably sick of hearing the word “portable” when it comes to vaporizers. So many vape companies claim that their devices can be carried around in your pocket with ease when in reality, you just wind up walking around with an awkward bulge. Not exactly what you had in […]

The HMBLDT Pen Will Give You The Perfect Cannabis Dosage For The Perfect High

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We Know Sex and Weed Are a Perfect Pair, But Why?

Senate Could Delay Cannabis Legislation in CanadaMaine Lawmakers Contemplate Override of LePage’s Marijuana Veto25 Most Popular Strains Across North America in OctoberOntario Selects First 14 Cities for Government-Run Marijuana SalesGov. LePage Stands in the Way of Maine Recreational CannabisBelize Decriminalizes Marijuana PossessionCalifornia: Insurance Commissioner Authorizes First Company for Marijuana IndustryFines up to $1 Million for […]

These Bible-Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s ‘Perfect Medicine’

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