People Are Now Experimenting With Healing Their Pets With Medical Marijuana

« Dis waaay better than catnip bruh » SHAREJust like humans, dogs and cats may not always react well to traditional pharmaceutical medications used to treat medical issues like chronic pain, or severe anxiety. Many of these pet owners see medical marijuana as a safer, more efficient option. But veterinarians, lacking scientific proof, are wary of the […]

New York City Destroyed a Thriving Village Owned By Black People to Create Central Park

UNITED STATES – APRIL 25: A squatter in Central Park is evicted to make way for the reservoir. (Photo by Charles Hoff/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)SHAREWalking around in Central Park feels timeless, with winding paths and bucolic bridges. The park was designed in 1858, a distinct departure from the gridded 1811 plan for […]

5 Most Common Reasons Cannabis Sends People To Emergency Rooms

  There’s nothing else on earth that helps humanity more than cannabis. It reduces opioid dependence and overdose, creates jobs, cures cancer, saves lives, saves the planet, and so much more. I’ll give you a month’s worth of my salary if you can name something else that does this job better than cannabis.   While […]

More People Were Arrested For Simple Marijuana Possession, Than Every Violent Crime Combined

originally declared by President Nixon in the 70’s, which began locking up non-violent drug offenders at unprecedented rates. Since the popularization of this story, numerous news outlets and books have cropped up to offer an alternative, more complex explanations for the United States’ unprecedented prison population. But no matter which version of the narrative you […]

People Are Pissed That Wiz Khalifa Endorsed Weed At A Baseball Game

Photo creditSHARE On Wednesday night, Wiz Khalifa was invited by the Pittsburgh Pirates to throw the first pitch. Then, by Thursday morning, MLB was reprimanding the team. Strike one It seems the league is pretty unhappy with the Pirates and Khalifa after the rapper showed up on the mount with a shirt emblazoned with View […]

Stoned People Love McDonald’s And Taco Bell, According To This Report

Photo creditSHARE The results of a recent study show that McDonald’s is the number one fast food restaurant of choice for consumers – of weed and fast food – in legal states. The study, which was conducted by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis, found that 43 percent of the respondents to the […]

Dr. Oz Is Proven Right as Study Shows Cannabis Gets People Off Opioids

  There are many myths and lies about cannabis that prohibitionists love to spread.  Some of these include: cannabis is addictive, it makes you lazy and unmotivated, and everyone’s favorite –  using cannabis leads to using harder drugs.   Also known as the Gateway Drug Theory, this assumption has absolutely no scientific basis. In fact, […]

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