DEA Says Synthetic Cannabis Is Safer Than Whole-Plant Medicine

  Lire partie 1 ici Lire partie 2 ici   Il semble juste d’être sans fin pour les maux de Insys Therapeutics. Le laboratoire pharmaceutique, qui a dépensé $ 500 000 pour lutter contre la légalisation du cannabis en Arizona, est à nouveau. INSYS continue à faire des mouvements scandaleux blesser des patients, ainsi que […]

Britain thinks CBD oil is medicine, the U.S. still groups it with heroin

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. – September 10: Jan?a Cox director of the Flowering H.O.P.E. Foundation, and her daughter Haleigh who was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaux Syndrome, is the namesake of The Haleighs Hope Act, a bill filed in Georgia to legalize cannabis oil high in cannabidiol, or CBD to try and control her seizures. If it […]

Andy Williams Of Medicine Man Technology Talks Cannabis

  Andy : sûr. Vous savez que nous avons un 40 000 pieds carrés Grow facilité. De cette installation. Nous faisons environ 25 millions de dollars des recettes par an.   Curt : OK et toi et moi avions parlé plus tôt que ce spectacle est très international entre les personnes ayant les cabines, ainsi que les […]

These Bible-Belt Christians Believe That Weed Is God’s ‘Perfect Medicine’

«’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1-800×400.jpg 800w,’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1-138×69.jpg 138w,’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1-386×193.jpg 386w,’s-Perfect-Medicine-1-of-1.jpg 1000w » sizes View the Original article

These 5 Indigenous Cultures Use Psychedelics As Medicine Instead of Popping Pills

Photo by Sonier Issembe SHARE From ancient Greece to the Amazon rainforest the use of psychedelics for healing or spiritual practices is so tightly woven into history that we could consider experimentation a defining characteristic of humanity. For thousands of years, cultures that developed independently around the world have found comfort and enlightenment in plants […]

The Many Reasons Cannabis is a Medicine Worth Legalizing

7 Diseases Medical Marijuana Can TreatA New ACLU Campaign for District Attorney Accountability has Some DA’s UpsetMedical Marijuana Laws in Popular Counties of CaliforniaCannabis Season Week 15: More Pot Shop Touring in Portland View the Original article

Medicine Man Technologies Reports Second Quarter 2017 Results

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