Californians on track to spend $2.68 billion on just medical marijuana in 2017 Information from The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.) Topics: California, california pot shops, California sales, concentrates, edibles, sales 229SHARESShareTweetRedditWhatsappMailPrintGoogleTumblrPinterestLinkedinPocketDiggStumbleupon No Comments Find A Store Near You View the Original article

Colorado county ballot initiative would institute new marijuana tax for mental health funding

Take cannabis surveys for gift cards Popular 1Strip search of ex-Miss Kentucky after she dropped balloon of weed at prison visit was wrong says lawyer 2California cannabis growers reeling from « most financially trying, stressful year ever » 3Some cannabis farmers’ livelihoods could be wiped out by California fires 4Feds nab 2,300 plants in high desert Nevada […]

Atlanta minimise l’usage de la marijuana

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LA Committee Passes Marijuana Regulations in Prep of Recreational Market

The regulations are now being considered by the full Los Angeles City Council, as the city tries to prepare for the launch of its recreational marijuana market in three months. With California’s recreational marijuana market slated for launch January 1, 2018, cities throughout the Golden State are busy legitimizing their respective cannabis industries by establishing […]

Is Marijuana a Miracle Treatment For Children With Autism

  Rеѕеаrсhеrѕ have discovered аnоthеr uѕе fоr mісrоbubblеѕ, аѕ tiny little carriers for targeted dоѕеѕ of mеdісіnе. Fоr instance, drugѕ can be dеlіvеrеd dіrесtlу tо a tumor using microbubbles; once аt thе target location, the mісrоbubblеѕ can bе induced tо рор, rеlеаѕіng thеіr medicine рауlоаd and reducing thе nееd tо bombard thе entire bоdу wіth […]

Political Party in Costa Rica Vows to Legalize Marijuana

Arkansas: Commission to Roll Out Timeline for Issuing MMJ LicensesSupreme Court Case Over Alcohol May Determine Future of Pot Sales in CanadaAnimal Cookies Marijuana Strain ReviewOregon and California Flames Continue to Threaten Outdoor Cannabis CropsWashington State: Seniors Spend More on Marijuana ProductsUK Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis Passes First Reading Unopposed20,000 Public Comments on Cannabis Regulations […]

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