According To Historical Research, Jesus Used Medical Marijuana To Perform “Healing Miracles”

SHAREComedians love to speculate that Jesus didn’t have magic powers, but rather he was a savvy magician in a period when a simple card trick must have looked like sorcery. Instead of magic tricks, though, studies show that Jesus likely used cannabis to perform some of his healing View the Original article

People Are Now Experimenting With Healing Their Pets With Medical Marijuana

« Dis waaay better than catnip bruh » SHAREJust like humans, dogs and cats may not always react well to traditional pharmaceutical medications used to treat medical issues like chronic pain, or severe anxiety. Many of these pet owners see medical marijuana as a safer, more efficient option. But veterinarians, lacking scientific proof, are wary of the […]

6 Healing Herbs for Combatting ADHD and Enhancing Productivity

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Veterans need – and deserve – help finding a path to healing through cannabis

The Cannabist Denver, Colorado marijuana news, culture, resources HomeUS CultureCultureVeterans need – and deserve – help finding a path to healing through cannabis Thorough, regular maintenance checks on military equipment are standard procedure. Socrates Rosenfeld, a veteran who piloted Apache helicopters, writes in an op-ed that his fellow veterans deserve equal attention upon the conclusion […]

Marijuana Pizza: Brand New Flavorful Delight For Healing Patients

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