Synthetic Weed: The Future of Marijuana?

K2 Spice. We began seeing K2 Spice about 4-5 years ago. Due to cannabis being illegal in most states at this time, K2 Spice became very popular very fast. This form of synthetic cannabis is sprayed and dried onto other plants and herbs. The spray that they are adding is what contains the “synthetic cannabis” […]

Supreme Court Case Over Alcohol May Determine Future of Pot Sales in Canada

Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain ReviewOregon and California Flames Continue to Threaten Outdoor Cannabis CropsWashington State: Seniors Spend More on Marijuana ProductsUK Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis Passes First Reading Unopposed20,000 Public Comments on Cannabis Regulations for British ColumbiaMinnesota Health Officials Debate Adding Autism, Nausea, and Dementia to List of Qualifying ConditionsThe Most Common Cannabis Slang from […]

The Future of Cannabis Gets a Big Endorsement

Legal Cannabis at Risk in Alaska2017: Annual Cannabis Report Projects Massive GrowthQuebec Will Sell Cannabis Through the Liquor Control BoardWhere is the Landmark Lawsuit for Cannabis?Germany: No Hunting License for Cannabis Patient65% of Canadians Support Private Retail Cannabis OutletsAmerica’s Amsterdam: July Pot Sales Top $27M for NevadaBlacks Arrested for Pot More Than Anyone, What Can […]

The Future Of Cannabis Tech Is Here So Lets Make Some Money

  Technologie et entrepreneuriat de cannabis est un mariage dans le ciel. Start-up de cannabis est n’est plus me suis concentré sur les dispensaires et leur culture ; C’est un tout nouveau monde vert là-bas. Bénéfices des entreprises de technologie de cannabis sont estimés en milliards de dollars que les développeurs sont offerts plus élevés salaires […]

The Future of Edibles Events in Canada

New York: Cuomo Germinates $5 Million Grant Fund for Hemp CultivationMaryland Still Struggling to Find Footing in Medical Marijuana LandscapeDisproportionate Cannabis Possession Arrests for Blacks in TorontoAmerican Legion to Head of VA: Support MMJ/PTSD ResearchMajority of Utah’s View the Original article

Tesla Has Hired The Designer Of Nike’s “Back to the Future” Mag Sneakers

« 800w,×69.jpg 138w,×193.jpg 386w » sizes View the Original article

Will Cannabis Coins Be The Future Of Buying Weed Online?

Photo creditSHARE You’ve no doubt heard a lot about the Green Rush – the exponentially expanding cannabis business, and the fortunes to be made therein. But make no mistake about it: It’s a weird time to be in the marijuana industry. Why is that? Because both banking services and insurance coverage are made all but […]

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