Natural disasters spotlight lack of insurance options for cannabis industry

Bruce KennedyBruce Kennedy is a veteran communications professional and multi-media journalist who has years of experience in international and business news. He started covering Colorado’s cannabis industry in… 44SHARESShareTweetRedditWhatsappMailPrintGoogleTumblrPinterestLinkedinPocketDiggStumbleupon No Comments Find A Store Near You View the Original article

Majoring in cannabis: New four year degree puts students on the cutting edge of the industry

. . . As the legality increases there will be more opportunities for peer-reviewed research.” Canfield said upon graduating from the program students will be qualified to work in a number of different laboratory positions. They could choose to open their own dispensaries or go on to work with the medicinal and therapeutic properties of […]

Cannabis Massage Oil Recipe

  Massage therapy has been used by ancient cultures because of its proven medicinal benefits.   The very first written records discussing the benefits of massage therapy were found in China and Egypt back in 2700 BCE. Today, we have a wide range of different kinds of massage therapies available to us, but combining the […]

5 Easy Ways To Increase THC In Your Cannabis Grow

  People grow cannabis for different reasons. While many grow cannabis to have a steady supply of their own medicine, other growers do so for personal, recreational needs. However, a common goal among growers is to increase the amount of THC which makes it much more potent by the time it’s harvested.   The benefits […]

8 Things You Need To Know About Cannabis And Chronic Pain

  Over 100 million Americans suffer from one type of chronic pain or another. Chronic pain costs an estimated $600 billion annually in treatment and lost productivity.   Pain poses such a serious, widespread problem in the United States that it’s one of the most common reasons people apply for a medical marijuana card. Thankfully, […]

Cannabis Inhaler From Israel Gives Controlled Medical Doses

    Israel, the epicenter of progressive cannabis culture, has just developed something else to get excited about: a 3D printed inhaler.   In a feature by the Jerusalem Post, Perry Davidson, CEO of Syqe Medical, talks about his humble beginnings. Patients with terminal illnesses would desperately seek his help to obtain medical cannabis before […]

Can You Get Addicted To Cannabis?

  One of the favorite myths that prohibitionists love to spread about cannabis is that it’s addictive. Is that really true?   Generally speaking, cannabis isn’t addictive. Well… you could say it’s just about as addictive as chocolate or Netflix is. Most cannabis users have no problem quitting cannabis when needed.   However, there is […]

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