10 Better Than a Brownie Edibles to Enjoy This Holiday

Los Angeles: The Largest City with Legal WeedNova Scotia Announces Legal Age of 19 and Liquor Board to Sell PotHigh Anxiety: Federal Safeguard of MMJ Programs Needs Budget ExtensionBest Medical-Related Cannabis Products for the 2017 Holiday SeasonSuper Blue Dream Marijuana Strain ReviewParaguay Congress Legalizes Medical Cannabis CultivationHonolulu Police Chief to MMJ Patients: We’re Reviewing Gun […]

When MMJ Can Work Better Than Traditional Medication

If you have a debilitating illness that affects your life on a daily basis, you’re probably going to try anything (like MMJ) that might help alleviate the symptoms. Conventional medicine generally follows the line of prescribing traditional medication. There are obvious reasons for this. First, medics are trained in and knowledgeable about which medication helps […]

Four Reasons Why Weed Smokers Make Better Boyfriends

Photo de Ryan murs / Getty imagesSHARE Quand il vient aux hommes, certains d’entre nous veulent tout. Non seulement nous voulons un homme qui peut nous faire rire, mais aussi quelqu’un qui peut tenir une conversation. Et bien sûr, le sexe doit être tout simplement époustouflant. Est ce vraiment demander trop ? Pour dames et Messieurs […]

Why Weed Smokers Are Better Parents

(Photo par : Alison Cohen Rosa/Netflix/Universal Television/NBCU Photo banque via Getty Images) Partager Plus les mamans et les papas fument pot ces jours-ci que vous pouvez penser. En juin de cette année, le service médical de la marijuana Eaze a révélé dans une étude que de 1 sur 5 mauvaises herbes fumeurs sont parents. Et 63 […]

Corona Is Making A Weed-Infused Beer And Summer Has Never Looked Better

(Photo by Matej Divizna/ Getty Images)SHARECorona has long branded themselves as the ideal beach beer. So it only makes sense that they would embrace another notoriously beach-worthy product: weed. Needless to say, summer just leveled up. Constellation Brands, Corona’s parent company, will soon be releasing marijuana-infused drinks, which they intend to roll out in countries that […]

Does Northern or Southern California Have Better Weed?

Smaller cultivators tend to put a lot of love into their product. However, if you are in a bigger city like San Francisco, that theory doesn’t quite work because San Francisco has excellent ganja and it’s a metropolis. View the Original article

What’s Better Than A Joint? A Joint Wrapped In THC-Infused Rolling Papers

  A new cannabis product to get excited about: THC-infused rolling papers!   Raw Rolling Papers had a joint collaboration with The Clear to develop rolling paper infused with THC oil to make your joints more special than you’ve ever imagined. Each TWAX Concentrated Paper contains 100mg of 97% THC oil, so you can imagine […]

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