What is Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency?

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Number of Alberta Doctors Prescribing Medical Marijuana Jumps 50 Percent in 4 Months

At the end of 2016 there were 329 doctors registered, by April of this year it had risen to 495. A Calgary physician says doctors are increasingly open to the idea of prescribing medical marijuana, a form of treatment that has divided the medical community. According to the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, there […]

Boutique Cannabis: ‘Not Your Older Brother’s Weed Shop’

Customers on a clean, airy Studio City sales floor browse shelves lined with cannabis-infused lotions, bath salts, protein bars, pet treatments and, of course, a variety of flowers. A uniformed 30-something staffer at Buds & Roses cleaned a smudge from the glass, while another talked a customer through the how-to’s of vaping. Outside, a valet […]

Could a Legal Quirk Bring Cannabis Tourism to Switzerland?

Visitors to Switzerland are usually attracted by the promise of picturesque chalets and mountain hikes. But now they could have another, more unlikely, reason to pay a visit: cannabis. A Swiss supermarket has become the first major chain in the world to start selling cannabis cigarettes. Coop Cooperative shoppers can now grab a pack of […]

Medicinal Cannabis Farm Allows Rare Glimpse into Construction at Secret Queensland Location

A medicinal cannabis farm under construction in Queensland has opened its doors for the first time to offer an exclusive glimpse of its top-secret operation. Medifarm, based on the state’s Sunshine Coast, has a rare licence granted by the Federal Government to cultivate, produce and manufacture medicinal cannabis. When the farm is up and running, […]

In Politically Charged D.C., Cannabis is a Cottage Industry

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Terpenes: The Powerful Organic Compounds in Cannabis You Don’t Know About

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