If You Want To Beat Your Social Anxiety, These Are The Strains You Should Smoke

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Pro: Robots Are Here To Get You High, Con: Trimmers Are Pissed

Laura Jones-Compton stands amid medicinal marijuana plants at the Mother room at Tweed INC., in Smith Falls, Ontario, on December 5, 2016. / AFP / Lars Hagberg (Photo by LARS HAGBERG/AFP/Getty Images)SHARE As the marijuana business expands across North America, legalization going into effect in Canada and throughout the USA, a key question emerges. Who […]

These Amazingly Eccentric Women Are Rejecting Sex Stereotypes and Changing Cosplay

Mel Colley is a Cosplayer who is dressed up as Zenyatta from the classic video game OverwatchPhoto by Mel Colley SHARE By: Zack Kotzer It is custom for Jews to dress up in costume on Purim, and as a child, Maya Ben David chose to dress as Vashti, the predecessor to Queen Esther that was […]

Wine And Weed Growers Are Now Fighting For Supremacy In America’s Western Croplands

are having a faceoff in the fields of America’s western states. It’s no surprise that the demand for space for the two booming industries is localized in the western part of the United States, where growing marijuana is legal and remarkable terroir is abundant. Washington, California, and Oregon produce 90% of all of America’s wine […]

Read This Important Letter From The Black Caucus Leader To President Trump About Racism

and political correctness run amok: Trump’s a racist. (That is of course, if you’re not among Trump’s openly racist caucus). For the rest of the country, indeed the majority, you’re left wondering: if not Trump, how does one qualify as racist? Refuse to rent your apartment buildings to African-Americans? Call African-Americans who peacefully protest racism View […]

This 63-Year-Old Woman Built A House Entirely Out Of Hemp To Prove A Point About Climate Change

Still Image of Video by Patrick Gilmore and Spencer MacDonald for National Geographic SHAREAs human-caused climate change pushes us ever further to meteorological extremes, the tendency is to reach for advanced technological solutions. But Pamela Bosch believes we can achieve some of the same solutions without some romantic, sci-fi, Elon-Musk style technological breakthrough. We just […]

These Are The Best Strains For Treating Fibromyalgia And Pain

SHAREFibromyalgia est connu pour provoquant une douleur généralisée et débilitante. Il peut également affecter des niveaux d’énergie de la personne et leur capacité d’obtenir sommeil une bonne nuit de. Beaucoup avec la fibromyalgie vont faire n’importe quoi pour soulager la douleur, et le cannabis devient rapidement une option go-to. S’il est tentant de se tourner […]

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