Montana Lawmaker Drafts Legislation to Amend State’s Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Initiative

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Montana Rep. Matt Regier (R-District 4) is drafting legislation to amend I-90, the ballot initiative voters approved in November to legalize adult-use cannabis in the state, according to a local KULR8 report.

Regier plans to introduce bills that would give more cannabis tax revenue to human services, as well as allow licensed dispensaries to advertise their products, the news outlet reported.

I-90 levies a 20% sales tax on adult-use cannabis, and earmarks roughly 10% of the revenue for the state’s general fund, with the rest directed toward conservation programs, substance abuse treatment and veterans’ services, according to KULR8.

Regier’s new legislation aims to make human services, like substance abuse treatment, a priority, the news outlet reported, as well as protect state departments’ funding.

“We’ve seen in other states that have legalized recreational marijuana, that there is fallout to state agencies, and there needs to be money there for that, instead of asking the taxpayer to pick up the tab,” Regier told KULR8.

A separate bill would allow Montana’s licensed dispensaries to advertise, as I-90 currently prohibits cannabis advertising in the state, the news outlet reported.

Both pieces of legislation have yet to be introduced in the legislature, according to KULR8.



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