Community pharmacists’ lack of knowledge and confidence in non-prescription cannabidiol products.

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Background: Non-prescription cannabidiol (CBD) products have recently been available in community pharmacies. However, there is only limited data to support its use, placing community pharmacists in a challenging position to provide evidence-based information to patients.

Objective: The objective of this study was to assess knowledge, experience, and confidence of non-prescription CBD products among community pharmacists.

Methods: A 38-question pen-and-paper survey pertaining to knowledge, experience, and confidence of non-prescription CBD products was administered to community pharmacists in the California Bay Area. Inclusion criteria consisted of registered pharmacists at community pharmacies during regular business hours. Participants were excluded if they were under 18 years old or unwilling to participate.

Results: Of 128 pharmacists, 103 took part and completed the survey (response rate 80.4%). The majority (78.5%) were unable to answer at least 80% of the non-prescription CBD knowledge-based questions. Over 50% have received patient questions and 20.4% recommended non-prescription CBD products in the last 12 months. More than half were « not confident » answering questions about non-prescription CBD products, and 14.5% received formal training on the topic.

Conclusion: Despite patients commonly asking about non-prescription CBD products, the majority of pharmacists lack clinical knowledge and confidence on the topic. There is a need to provide formal training and educational resources on non-prescription CBD products.

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