Ridder Introduces New Cannabis Blackout Screen at MJBizCon

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PRESS RELEASE – Ridder’s new flame-retardant aluminium blackout screen is a true light deprivation screen for cannabis crops. Aside of delivering 99,99% blackout, the screen provides excellent moisture regulation. This does not only ensure perfect control over day-lengths, but also safeguards the health of the crop by reducing the risks for fungal diseases.

Aluminium top layer

With Alumaximum, Ridder re-introduces the use of aluminum in blackout screens. As opposed to commonly used plain white materials, the aluminium top layer of the Alumaximum screen provides higher reflection of light during sunny outside conditions, which is better for regulating the temperature in the greenhouse on warmer days. On colder days, the aluminium material also offers high energy savings by providing optimal insulation.

Rugged knitted fabric

Aside of providing control over excess humidity, the special composition of the knitted fabric enables a high dimensional stability. The screen is durable, strong and less susceptible to damage during installation and operation. When the screen is not in use, the screen forms a very compact cloth package, guaranteeing maximum light penetration when needed.

Flame retardant

In cannabis cultivation, the use of assimilation light and screen cloths are often associated with greenhouse fire. Responding to strict fire-safety requirements, the new Alumaximum screens from Ridder are available in various Flame-Retardant (FR) configurations. Ask your installer for more information or visit Ridder at the upcoming MJBizCon Las Vegas, booth C6412.

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