Expungement Legislation Clears Michigan House

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The Michigan House approved legislation Nov. 5 that would overhaul the state’s expungement laws and make it easier for people convicted of cannabis offenses to clear their records.

The seven bills were approved with bipartisan support in the Republican-led chamber and now head to the Senate, according to a local Fox 17 report.

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One measure would provide automatic expungement for certain crimes without applications being filed, and could go into effect as early as 2022, according to the news outlet. Other legislation would shorten the waiting period before individuals could request expungement of misdemeanor offenses, as well as allow those with misdemeanor cannabis-related convictions to clear their records starting in January.

The package of bills would also allow for the expungement of certain traffic offenses and let more people with multiple crimes on their records apply to clear their convictions, Fox 17 reported.

The measures all passed with at least 95 out of 110 votes in the House, according to the news outlet. If the Republican-controlled Senate approves the legislation and the bills are signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan would become the fourth state to implement automatic expungement laws that extend beyond cannabis-related crimes, Fox 17 reported.

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