Rad Source Technologies Introduces New Cannabis Remediation Technology

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New Orleans, LA (August 20, 2019) — PRESS RELEASE — Rad Source Technologies, Inc. introduces mold, mildew, aspergillus and pathogen remediation technology to the cannabis market.  The company’s RS 420 series of Cannabis Photonic Decontamination units were on display at a recent industry event in New Orleans.

The RS 420 Decontamination units are powered by QUASTAR, the company’s patented photonic emitting technology, and can provide 99.9 percent mitigation of mold, mildew, aspergillus and other harmful pathogens with nominal to no effects on product.

QUASTAR’s Photonic Decontamination is a new technology that builds on widely-used short bandwidth remediation methods adopted by multiple research, anti-viral, food and medical industries. The technology is used internationally by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and in the United States for applications ranging from blood treatment (GVHD) to Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) and Phytosanitary Research by the USDA. Over the past 20 years, Rad Source has installed nearly 500 units worldwide in the blood, insect, viral inactivation, immunology and cancer research fields.

“We’ve leveraged our decades of research, technical innovation, and the expertise of our in-house Ph.D.’s and engineering staff in order to provide the cannabis industry the most effective solution to improve efficiencies and reduce product loss,” said George Terry, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Rad Source.

The science behind QUASTAR technology is a widely-preferred and government-supported solution for remediating medical-grade cannabis in the Netherlands and Canada for many years. In the United States, the RS 420 product line is rapidly gaining market share and interest with cannabis operations in over a dozen states.

Unlike Ozone, RF, LED, UV and other remediation methods, Rad Source’s technology ensures the most effective pathogen decontamination penetration method, while simultaneously maintaining cannabis flower integrity, ensuring no impact on cannabinoids or appearance, and negligible to no impact on terpene levels. In addition, it is among the safest and easiest machines to operate. 

The compact, standalone unit easily integrates into existing SOPs, and operates on standard 220-volt electrical systems. The units can process 2, 5 or 50 pounds of product in hours, depending on the bioburden of the target and the unit being used. Financing is also now available through an accredited Rad Source leasing partner. For more information or to inquire about financing options, visit: www.radsource.com/cannabis.

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