S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe), Cannabidiol (CBD), and Kratom in Psychiatric Disorders: Clinical and Mechanistic Considerations.

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Given the limitations of prescription antidepressants, many individuals have turned to natural remedies for the management of their mood disorders. We review three selected natural remedies that may be of potential use as treatments for depressive disorders and other psychiatric or neurological conditions. The best studied and best supported of these three remedies is S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe), a methyl donor with a wide range of physiological functions in the human organism. With the increasing legalization of cannabis-related products, cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity for various potential indications and has even obtained approval in the United States and Canada for certain neurological conditions. Kratom, while potentially useful for certain individuals with psychiatric disorders, is perhaps the most controversial of the three remedies, in view of its greater potential for abuse and dependence. For each remedy, we will review indications, doses and delivery systems, potential anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory action, adverse effects, and will provide recommendations for clinicians who may be considering prescribing these remedies in their practice.

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