The Hippie Highball – A Cannabis Cocktail

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Since making the dive into cannabis for wellness I rarely drink alcohol anymore. I’ll have an adult beverage or two on occasion, but for me, alcohol has lingering effects; and I don’t care who you are, hangovers are never fun.

Dehydration, headaches, nausea… No thanks.

But boozing is an American pastime, and is frequently included (if not expected) at holidays, birthdays, and social functions. Even many large corporations celebrate successes with open bar events for their employees.

Can you imagine a day when cannabis is so socially accepted? It’s been 84 years since alcohol prohibition ended, so there’s hope for cannabis, too.

But for now…

So, what’s a cannabis consumer to do? Decline the invite, compromise our hippie values and drink anyway knowing we’ll feel rotten tomorrow?

Enter… the Hippie Highball…


Why Cannabis Cocktails?


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