Infused With Gratitude Giveaway: Win a Levo Prize Pack and Wake + Bake eBook Bundle!

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It’s that time of year when all of those cheesy Thanksgiving giveaways pop up, forcing you to share what you’re “thankful” for. Ughhhh… so cliche.

I would never do that kind of thing to you.

This year, for our annual “Danksgiving Giveaway” I want you to share what you’re grateful for. 

And there’s a huge, but subtle, difference between those two things.

Let’s break it down really quick.

The OED defines thankful as “pleased and relieved”. It’s closest to an emotion. It’s a good emotion, but still… it’s pretty passive. For example: I’m thankful that my car hasn’t broke down in a couple of months. I’m thankful I’m no longer living paycheck to paycheck. I’m thankful that I live in a safe and friendly town.

But the word grateful implies action. The OED describes it as “Feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.” 

I’m grateful for my toddlers use of the phrase “butt hurt” when she sees that someone is angry. I’m grateful for how supportive my husband has been in the past few months while I’ve been working more. I’m grateful to all of you for being here with me, for all of your support. I’m grateful to the clients I serve, for being so damn inspiring and for stepping up to transform their lives and their health. I’m grateful to the universe and to the thermal energy that make hot springs exist.

And this may be a little woo for you, but in practice, being grateful becomes a tool of awareness that actually makes life better. The practice of seeing exactly what we’re receiving in this existence can change everything. Because no matter what’s going on, being grateful for your breath, small acts of nature, or the kindness of others makes all of the difference in how you show up for this short-lived experience.

In short: gratitude RULES!

So this year, we’ve teamed up with the incredible folks at Levo for the Infused with Gratitude Giveaway.

We’re giving away 1 grand prize

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