California Cannabis Church Suing Police Over Raids

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This makes us ponder the extent of religious freedom in the United States.

By: Nick Lindsey

In California, a showdown is underway between a church that sees cannabis as sacred and law enforcement. The battle began when law enforcement raided the church’s weed supply. And now, the church is fighting back. With this , important questions about the state’s legal weed system are coming into focus.

The Showdown

The Church of Hundred Harmonies, located in La Puente, California, is part of a larger network of churches called the Association of Sacramental Ministries.

The defining feature of these churches is that they all see cannabis as sacred. Keeping with this belief, members of these churches consume weed as part of their religious practice.

The building where the Church of Hundred Harmonies gathers has two main sections. One is the sanctuary, the other is a room full of cannabis

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