Navigating the Cannabis Tourism Scene in Las Vegas

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by Peter King January 27, 2018

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Nevada on July 1, 2017, and this has completely changed the cannabis scene in the city of Las Vegas. In order to elevate the marijuana experience, cannabis-related companies and dispensaries have been established across the city. These experiences have helped augment other activities such as painting, tours, yoga, and massage. Currently, the city of Las Vegas has allowed dozens of legal cannabis dispensaries to open where marijuana enthusiasts can happily purchase their medicine. Now, marijuana tourism has become one of the latest attractions for the city that never sleeps. We will delve into these activities here. We hope these fun and lucrative ideas come to California.

The marijuana industry is still in its early stages of growth after legalization. The initial tourist activities that have become popular include checking out a dispensary, visits to edible kitchens, and walk-throughs of cannabis grow operations. Now they have expanded their tourism to weed casinos and cannabis restaurants.


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