The Importance of Homogenization in Cannabis Products

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Health/Science Marijuana homogenization is a tricky subject. In fact, it refers to two topics that overlap in ways. The threat of big business’ influence is a topic we’ve discussed at some lengths and will cover more soon. However, this is about the need for a slightly different homogenization, the process which ensures uniformity across a produced product. One does play into the other. Yet, this homogenization affects cannabis in an entirely other manner.

Customers Deserve What They Buy

Homogenization is standard in many grocery products including milk, cheese and fruits. In cannabis, that is not the case just yet. Recent events make the topic worthy of discussion once again though as alarming news about inconsistent marijuana products has continued to come in over the past few months. One blind test of 84 CBD products sold by 31 companies revealed that only about 31% actually contained the amount of CBD listed on its label. Even the top strains in the world are turning up void of cannabinoids.

The industry needs product homogenization. Without it, consumers, the market and its perception could be at stake.

When a customer buys a CBD product, they expect to receive treatment that is in-line with what is described on the label. The same can be said for the top strains in the industry. However, as recent news out of Northern California’s Emerald Cup showed, that is currently not the case. This year saw six products at the Emerald Cup test for 0 mg of THC, CBD or other cannabinoids. The products ranged from drinks, food and topicals. Even if this isn’t a concern to your consumption methods, the news should still pique your interest.

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