Extreme Sports and Cannabis: Does Marijuana Improve Performance?

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Cannabis consumption is common in extreme sports athletes for a variety of reasons. Zach Dischner

Aside from the rush of endorphins offered to athletes from their extreme sports and use of cannabis, there is also an important social aspect to the sports and the use of cannabis within them. Cannabis relaxes athletes and gives them time to bond before their competition. For many of the athletes, it’s an almost religious experience.

It’s a moment to meditate, bond and focus before entering a dangerous competition.

Cannabis impacts the brain in much the same way that a runner’s high does by activating the endocannabinoid receptors to give athletes a feeling of euphoria. It’s no wonder that extreme sports athletes use cannabis to connect over such a pleasurable experience.

More than just a social experience, cannabis use within extreme sports also offers the athletes medicinal benefits and improves their performance.

How does Cannabis Impact the Bodies of Athletes?

Whether being involved in an MMA fight, thrashing big waves in Hawaii, or taking monstrous leaps on a snowboard or pair of skis, extreme athletes are continually putting their body at risk. The physical toll that extreme sports athletes put themselves through leaves them with the pain, inflammation and the mental discomfort of physical recovery.

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