Cannabis Events: Benefits, History and Cultural Significance

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Cannabis events are a fun way to celebrate marijuana culture with friends.

Now that cannabis events are proliferating the calendar, the current dilemma is where to begin! At PotGuide, our consummate, multi-state, event calendar has a comprehensive listing of cannabis events across the map to help people connect with organizations providing educational, social, and industry happenings. We even have a dedicated weekly events newsletter for anyone interested in receiving a rundown of cannabis events that will go straight to your inbox.

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Featuring events in some of the legal recreational states, as well as other states like Arizona, Illinois, Hawaii, and Florida, there is quite literally something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits going to a cannabis event can offer.

The Benefits of Cannabis Events

If you have been to a cannabis-related event before, then you may have already experienced some of the takeaways and benefits that come with attending. From newcomers to connoisseurs alike, there are many worthwhile experiences to take part in at cannabis events.

Benefits for Cannabis Newcomers

If you’re new to a legal state or just plain canna-curious, knowing the best dispensaries, local laws, or even meeting like-minded cannabis folks can be challenging. Cannabis events can easily connect you with locals who are in the know.

Advantages for Entrepreneurs

The cannabis industry is quite vast and holds many industry opportunities, from those that touch the plant to ancillary businesses, like testing labs or software companies. Building a new venture is tough in any market, and networking with like-minded individuals could give business a boost.

For the Students of Cannabis

Perhaps you’ve wondered what the differences are between industrial hemp and cannabis. Or maybe you’ve got an inner-green thumb longing to learn the secrets of an amazing cannabis grow. Still don’t know what the heck CBD actually is? There’s likely a class for that, knowledge to be gained, and friends to be made.

Connoisseurs and Newbies Alike

There are big industry events and festivals like Denver’s 420 Rally, and conferences like the Cannabis Wedding Expo and the NoCo Hemp Expo. But more intimate events are also plentiful, providing even more opportunities to build networks, engage with like-minded folks, listen to industry experts, and get to know cannabis culture.

What if I Don’t Live in a Legal State?

If you live outside of these cannabis meccas, no worries! Many events are open to the public and welcome tourists to visit and enjoy the festivities.

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Have you been to any cannabis events? What was your experience?

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