What are Cannabis Tinctures and How to Make Them

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An example of some CBD-infused tinctures. Vaping360

When ingested sublingually, cannabis tinctures can take effect in a matter of minutes (usually between 15 and 45) by absorbing directly into the bloodstream via mucus membranes and the multitude of capillaries therein. The process reduces the amount of time it takes for cannabinoids to take effect, and improves efficiency of cannabinoid absorption as well (meaning you’ll need less to feel its effects in the first place).

Dosing is also easier with tinctures, though it does begin with a bit of trial-and-error until the proper dose is established.

Simply add a single, 1 ml drop under the tongue or between the lip and gums, wait 15-30 minutes then re-dose as needed until the desired effects are reached.

Extended relief is easier to manage with tinctures, as well. For example, it’s much easier to dose discretely with a dropper bottle than it would be with a joint or vape pen and the effects last longer, as well

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