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Gravity bongs are an excellent way to get elevated quickly and efficiently. Robo0000100

Next, fill the larger bottle with water and add the smaller bottle to it so that minimal air is trapped inside of the small bottle. Add the bowl to the small bottle top, throw some freshly-ground herb to the bowl, then add flame to the green. While lighting the bowl, slowly pull the small bottle upward, which will pull the smoke from the weed into the small bottle as it rises.

Don’t pull the small bottle completely out of the water or the smoke will escape! Instead, simply remove the bowl from the small bottle and replace it with your mouth. Push down on the bottle as you inhale to fill your lungs quickly and get high in a hurry.

How to Make an Earth Bong

There’s something poetic about using the earth to consume the cannabis from which it came. To help celebrate the bounty Mother Nature gives us (or just to get high in a pinch), make a pipe out of the very ground you walk on.

To make an earth bong, just use a few long, sturdy sticks to dig a few holes in damp soil (but not saturated) about a foot or two apart then connect them underground. Add a bottle with the bottom removed to one end of the tunnel (this will be your mouth piece) and a bowl to the other end, packing loose soil around them to ensure the tunnel is airtight. Add some weed to the bowl end of your tunnel, have a friend spark it and take a deep breath. Want to heat the weed with nature, too? Use a magnifying glass and the sun to spark your bowl to really impress your friends.

Stoners are innovative, for sure, and no where is that more apparent than when there’s weed and a need to smoke it.

Do you have a favorite way to make a DIY pipe? Comment below!

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