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some of it got you high, but a lot of it was just fan leaves, stems and seeds. Because there are minimal cannabinoids on these parts of the plant, more was required to feel the desired effects.

Hydroponic cannabis cultivation became popular in the 1970’s due to many factors including the invention of high intensity discharge (HID) grow lights and Nixon’s crack-down on the Mexican border, which gave home growers an opportunity to study their plants and perfect their growing techniques. Growers learned that flowers are the sole source of cannabinoids and terpenes, and began trimming unnecessary foliage away and learning ways to omit seeds. Many passionate home growers also turned to cross-breeding as a way to fine-tune their favorite strains even farther.

Genetic Manipulation for Potency and Effects

Cross-breeding cannabis is a popular way to create new and unique strains by selecting two plant

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