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Coffee shops are the only place to consume cannabis in the Netherlands. Pierre

Decriminalization hasn’t set up marketplaces in Portugal as we would expect in the U.S., Canada or even like the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Instead, Portugal’s decriminalized drug policy makes it possible for you to buy cannabis in supplement stores or from street dealers. However, street buying is a risk in Portugal just like most other places. While you may find better prices, you run a chance of getting robbed by pickpockets.

Other locations around the world come with their own pain points despite making progress with cannabis.

In Uruguay, you can buy your products at the state authorized pharmacies. Noncitizens won’t be able to participate in the market through pharmacies. However, the easygoing nation has no problem with tourists accepting gifts from other citizens. In places like South Africa, the legal status of cannabis continues to be debated. However, most report that the police tend to overlook its sale

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