Do Omega-3 Supplements Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance?

Do Omega-3 Supplements Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance?

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Therein lies the problem that all too many cannabis lovers run into. The more we use, the more our tolerance goes up. Your marijuana tolerance is essentially your endurance to the cannabinoids. Over time, many of us, regardless of ingestion method, will hit a stoner wall of sorts.

Many factors play into this including:Frequency of consumptionBody mass indexSexPotency of the product

Omega-3 is the source for human’s two most vital fats. It’s known to help ease a range of ailments from rheumatoid arthritis to depression and potentially even Alzheimer’s. But does it affect your marijuana tolerance?

To find out, I took omega-3 supplements for 30 days to see what would happen. As a frequent cannabis consumer, I hypothesized that by the end of week 2 my tolerance would decline to noticeable levels.

Some other key factors in the test include:All findings were experiential. No medical testing was involved.Gorilla Glue was used as the test flowerAll smoking came via dugouts and joints

With the plan set, I optimistically began my experience. But first, I came across some interesting findings from recent research.

The Science behind Omega-3 and Cannabis

No scientific research could be found regarding omega-3 and cannabis tolerance. However, recent findings out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign answered questions we’ve sought for since the early 90s.

In 1992, endocannabinoids were first discovered in the human body. Since then, researchers have found many other natural endocannabinoids. They act as natural sustainers in our body for various functions. However, many of their functions and processes remain in question, including just how they convert from acids into cannabis-like relievers.

The Illinois study revealed a mass of chemical reactions that convert omega-3 fatty acids into our bodies’ natural cannabinoids.

Unlike marijuana, the cannabinoids we create don’t produce a psychotropic high.

However, they do provide valuable anti-inflammatory relief. Professor Aditi Das, a University of Illinois professor of comparative biosciences and biochemistry and the study’s leader, and her team discovered a pathway that provides answers.

Their findings of an enzymatic pathway confirmed how omega-3 binds to our receptors for a natural soothing effect. This authenticated the process to how our body creates a CBD-like effect.

Humans can generate this effect by eating foods such as meat, eggs, fish and nuts. These foods contain omega-3 and 6, both of which convert into endocannabinoids. Professor Das noted that marijuana and endocannabinoids both act as supports for our body’s immune system. This makes both attractive subjects to develop anti-inflammation solutions.

But those findings do nothing to prove or deny internet rumors. With a lack of scientific studies, an answer might already be present. But there is only one way to find out. So, with the science inconclusive at best, Day 1 began on Oct. 3.

The 30-Day Experiment

I began the experiment, eager to find out if I could lower my tolerance while boosting my fatty acid intake. But, just like the Instagram video explaining my efforts, in where I had to quadruple the speed to meet the platform’s video guidelines, I would soon be disappointed with the outcome.

Week One

The first few days began optimistically. Highs felt stronger and lasted somewhat longer. Throughout the day, I could function normally while still feeling a bit more headiness than usual. The weather in New York City was hot for this time of the year. So, an extra bit of a high made walking under tree-lined streets that much more enjoyable.

However, by the end of the week, results began to plateau. Was this just a minor change? By the end of the first week, I was unsure but still hopeful more of a difference would come.

Week 1 of my omega 3 tolerance report for

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