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CBD now comes in a variety of forms and has many different applications. HempLife Today

This gained the attention of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Come 2018, CBD will be removed from its list of prohibited substances, allowing Olympic competitors to use it as a healing option. Athletes will still need to monitor their sources to remove any questionable products or risk suspension or disqualification from their events.

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern recently voiced his support for his league to remove marijuana, not just CBD, from its list. For the NFL, it continues to restrict CBD and all other forms of cannabis. Embattled Commissioner Roger Goodell stands staunchly opposed to change. However, several owners, including one of Goodell’s fiercest rivals, Dallas Cowboy’s Owner Jerry Jones, is rumored to be pushing for a full cannabis repeal.

Athletes Speak Out

Athletes across several sports are now voicing their support for similar rule changes. An active player in another professional football league told PotGuide, on the condition of anonymity, that CBD has « greatly reduced the pain and recovery time » in his elbow after many injuries. He, like many athletes, wasn’t a marijuana smoker. However, he opted for CBD after being educated on the matter, something many in his and other leagues lack in regards to cannabis overall.

In the NFL, two active players have come forth so far. Offensive Tackle Eugene Morgan and Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan both joined the campaign for the CBD research program for retired players, When the Bright Lights Fade.

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