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Power Plant Fitness prides itself in being the first cannabis gym; will the trend catch on? Power Plant Fitness

Just outside of Denver in Wheat Ridge is Break the Stigma Fitness. The gym emphasizes cannabis therapy exercises like pilates, yoga and offers group workouts and education as well.

Founder and Owner Jennessa Lea aims to change the perception of users through a healthy holistic lifestyle. She credits cannabis for helping her work herself out of her wheelchair and fight Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a collection of disorders that affect your tissues. This led her to healthy lifestyle that saw her lose 110 pounds and end a 10-year, 20-pharmaceutical cycle.

The two appear to be the only locations currently operating in the United States. However, more could soon come as the positive effects of cannabis become apparent.

As the stigma of a cannabis consumer wears away, the actual health-conscious lifestyle is beginning to step into the spotlight.The Health Conscious Marijuana Consumer

Sure, the stoner image is true, but only sometimes. And for many, never at all. In fact, cannabis users have largely been active ever since it became big decades ago. Now, with more access to outdoor hobbies and sports, that number has only gone up. Their diets are just as healthy and balanced. Chips and ice cream can be great, but fruits and vegetables are ever-present in most diets as well. And a few studies are even crediting the marijuana diet for helping improve our bodies’ metabolic functions.

Athletes and exercise fanatics are fast becoming keen to all sorts of ingestion methods.

Depending on the workout, the results could very well be beneficial. Though, findings are minimal at this point, like many areas of marijuana research.

Internist and cannabis therapeutics specialist, Dr. Jordan Tishler told Men’s Fitness that certain workouts could benefit from cannabis.

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