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420 Culture The cannabis industry continues to boom, bringing with it opportunities and advantages for businesses, 420 culture hounds, and savvy consumers. But all this activity can also bring some confusion simply because the industry is so vast. This poses several questions, especially for newcomers to legal states, cannabis culture and the marijuana industry in general.

Cannabis events, like Seattle HEMPFEST, the Boston Freedom Rally, Denver’s 420 Rally, and the Emerald Cup draw like-minded people from all over the country and even the world to commiserate, network, share ideas, get educated, and immerse themselves in the lifestyle and history surrounding cannabis.

Popular events like these have paved the way for smaller educational and networking happenings we see today, moving cannabis from a counterculture niche to the mainstream realm.History of Cannabis Events

Even though cannabis events now pop up nearly every day, especially in legal states like Colorado, once upon a time, they were protest opportunities, frequently called Protestivals. Seattle HEMPFEST is likely the most famous and arguably the longest-running, beginning in 1991 essentially as a smoke-in, then adding music and food as crowds and demand grew.

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